Other sites worth checking out:

Sprite Sites
Vide Game Sprites Link This site contains sprites for various NES, SNES, GBA, PS1 and PC / Online games.

Game Specific Sites
Legend of Zelda .com This site has a lot of information on the various Zelda games.
Hyrule Castle A site for Zelda roleplay and Zelda forums.
Mario Bros This site is dedicated to everything Mario.

Web Comics
Neko's House Link NEKO'S HOUSE: When a perfectly normal guy, a sexy catgirl, a bouncy Darkstalker, a cute robot girl, a rogue Pokémon and a wild Digimon are living under the same roof, this can mean just a thing: PROBLEMS! With a LOT of seconday characters, lots of unexpected plot twists, ZERO overpowered recolors and LOTS of fanservice, this comic definitively will get your attention!

One of the best NES emulators out there. I use this one for mapping all my NES games.

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