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Information Screen Shot

This screen appears after Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels. Your score from this game is multiplied by one.

PowerFest '94 Score One Screen

This screen appears after Super Mario Kart.
1st place = 90,000 points
2nd place = 60,000 points
3rd place = 30,000 points
4th place = 10,000 points
5th place = 5,000 points
6th place = 3,000 points
7th place = 2,000 points
8th place = 1,000 points
Coins = 1,000 points per coin

PowerFest '94 Score Two Screen

The final screen in the PowerFest'94. This screen displays your total score. By adding up your points from all three games.
In the Home Run Derby you get the total feet of all your home runs multiplied by 100 and the number of home runs are multiplied by 1,000,000 points.

Note: In the regional events across the US home runs were worth 10,000 points. They increased that for the Finals in San Diego, CA so people could not win by using the Turtle Trick in Lost Levels.

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Background for the PowerFest '94 game.

Note: In the game this background gradually changes color.

PowerFest '94 Background

Name Entry Screen

You can get to this screen from the PowerFest '94 Title Screen by pressing either the L or R buttons on Controller 2. Once everyone enters their name, press Start on Controller 2 to start the game.

Note: The name is never displayed in the game. It is used to keep track of scores from an external source connected by the phone jack in the back of the game.

PowerFest '94 Name Entry Screen

Name Entry Wait Screen.

Once the player selects "END", this wait screen comes up until Start is pressed on Controller 2.

PowerFest '94 Name Entry Wait Screen